How It Works

You and your friends are on vacation for a weekend or week with no idea of the hottest Clubs or Bars in this City. Here is the problem: You don’t want to spend a ton of money particularly on Cover Charges or wait in long lines. You also don’t want to do tons of Google research, read tons of Yelp & Trip Adviser reviews and don’t have the contacts with 20-50 promoters or hosts.

With EZ Pass you get the best of everything. All Bars, Clubs, Lounges, Pubs, Adult Clubs! Free Admission & Skip the line! The EZ Pass gets you everything for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days or 1 year.

EZ Pass is the ultimate way to experience Nightlife in Cities across the World. EZ Pass features access to the Cities Hottest Venues and gives you the hookup without having a Promoter, Host or Connection in the City. We typically have between 20-50 Nightclubs, Lounges, Bars, Pubs and Adult Clubs PER CITY you can access anytime they are open!

We save our customers Thousands of Dollars per year. Its real simple, you will break even on the service the first night you use it!

As a new Company we plan to expand to 200 Cities World Wide!