What are the benefits of owning an EZ Pass?

EZ Pass is your all access pass into Nightclubs, Lounges, Bars and Pubs. The EZ Pass saves you not just money but the time of organizing and contacting all the Venues to get the info and make reservations.

Does the EZ Pass ever expire?

It expires one year from the date you bought it from.

How much money can I really save?

A lot! This is a one year pass for every Venue in every City. It all depends on how much you party in each City. We estimate the average customer would save $500-$2500 per year & the advanced traveler would save $2500-$7500 per year!

How old do I have to be to access the Venues?

Most Venues in our system are 21 & over, however we do try to provide some Venues that are for the under 21. If you are under 21 you can purchase the card but check our web site to find out age minimums per Venue.

What is the Dress code?

Each Venue has their own Dress code Policies. Some are Bars with no dress codes; some have real strict dress codes. We try to provide a vast variety of Venues for everyone. The Venue will control the door policies.

Where do I pick up my EZ Pass?

You don’t! Everything is digital. Once you purchase the EZ Pass we send you an E Mail with the EZ pass, your account number and User Name. We will then contact the venues giving you full access. Screenshot the pass and save in your picture gallery. Show it to the doorman of each Venue. This process takes up to 48 hours from when you pay for it.

Since I get in Free does this mean I have to Buy Drinks?

No. There are no minimums in Nightclubs, Bars, Lounges or Pubs. Some Adult Nightclubs may have policies on minimum drinks however it will be on our Web Site.

Are there any hidden charges?


Do I get billed yearly?

No. We do not automatic bill any of our customers. We will contact you via E Mail when your EZ Pass is about to expire.

Can my friend use my EZ Pass?

Unfortunately not. All EZ Pass are individually coded with names, account numbers & user names.

What time does it start?

That is the best part! It is up to you.